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Hello and welcome to Des Moines BCycle's Customer Service page.

Please read the following section carefully before contacting us.

  • When contacting us about overage charges on your account, please wait until the charges have actually gone through before contacting us. Oftentimes a bike will be docked in a station that is experiencing technical difficulties and will say that your bike has not been returned. We can see when this occurs and can make adjustments to your charges within 24 hours, the charges on your card will often say they are pending during this time period. Once we have made the trip time adjustments, you will notice those pending charges disappear. Please only contact us about overage charges if the pending charges have actually gone through, but most of the time we will catch it before this happens.
  • The quickest resolution to your billing question will come by using the contact us form on this page.

Des Moines BCycle

The Des Moines BCycle program is managed by the Street Collective of Greater Des Moines. Our office is located at:

506 East 6th Street,
Des Moines, IA 50309

Feel free to email us:
or call / text: 515-318-7488

We try to respond within one business day.
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