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How it Works

Des Moines BCycle is world class Bike Share system that features over 120 bikes available 24/7, 365 days a year in Downtown Des Moines. There is no better way to experience a neighborhood than on a bicycle! Des Moines BCycle gives you access to all of Des Moines has to offer!

Each station has a touchscreen kiosk, a map of the bike shary system and of course bikes! 

Buy a Pass

Buy passes online or at any B-station

Des Moines BCycle offers Single Trip and 24-hour Pass options, as well as two membership levels: 30-day and annual.Monthly and Annual membership levels can be purchased online (credit card required).A Single Trip or 24-Hour Pass can be purchased at B-stations (credit card required) or online.Learn more about passes on our rates page. 


Remove a Bike 

**Please note, it is a good idea to inspect the bike you wish to check out before doing so. I.E. Pinch the tires to make sure they are not flat, ensure you can adjust the seat to the proper height, squeeze brake levers, etc.**

Use your BCycle card

Touch the silver button on the dock of the bike you wish to check out, tap your B-Card on the reader and away you go!


Use your credit card at any station kiosk to buy a Single or Multi-Trip Pass. Choose your bike and complete your transaction using the kiosk touch-screen. When prompted enter the dock number of the bike your wish to checkout. If you are annual or monthly member and do not have your card, you can still get a bike by verifying your identity at the kiosk. 

Get comfy

BCycle bicycle seats are adjustable to fit a range of riders. Throw your stuff in the front basket and you are ready to roll! Front and rear lights shine automatically when you pedal to help you see and be seen. 



Go for a Ride

Ride cool, be safe

Strap on your helmet and go! Yield to pedesrians. Obbey traffic signals. Always ride in the direction of the traffic. Be smart and allway follow the rules of the road. 

Where will you go? 

Ride to work, get some fresh air, grab some lunch, explore. Go where you want, when you want!

Return to any Station 

Pick a station, any station 

Return your bike to any B-station by rolling it into an available dock. You will see a flashing green light and hear the dock beep three times to confirm it’s been properly locked. You're done!

Station full?

Follow the instructions at the station kiosk to extend your time for an additional 15 minutes so you can
locate a nearby station with available docks.

Pro tip: check the before you ride to make sure the station you are going to has space available.

Use the BCycle app for easy navigation

Play Store App Store

How it Works

  1. Purchase a membership online or at any B-station.

  2. Choose a bike from any B-station.

  3. Grab your bike and go.

  4. Park your bike at any B-station.

Des Moines BCycle
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