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BCycle Usage Rates

Des Moines B-cycle is priced for short rides. 

The system is designed for station-to-station trips to provide alternative transportation options for the Des Moines area. 

Pay As You Go

Available on mobile app and stations

Pay As You Go.                                      Classic Bike: $1 Unlock + $0.10 per minute

Electric Bike: $1 Unlock + $0.25 per minute

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1 Hour Checkout

Available online, mobile app, and stations

System Access for 24 Hours                               $15.00

+ Additional Fees

First 60 Minutes               Included
After 60 Minutes $0.25 per minute

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Monthly Membership

Availabe online and on mobile app

30 Day Membership.              $30

+ Additional Fees

First 60 minutesIncluded
After 60 minutes$0.25 per minute


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Annual Membership

Available online and on mobile app

365 Day Membership              $125

+ Additional Fees

First 60 minutesIncluded
After 60 minutes$0.10 per minute


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BCycle Replacement Fees

BCycle Parts or Components $5-$1500
BCycle Bike Replacement  $2500
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